Hello there vegan-enthusiasts,

My name is Jane, and I am a newly-minted vegan. My boyfriend, Juljan [uli-yawn] and I decided to go vegan a few weeks ago after watching a documentary (cliché, I know) and wanting to get our health together over the past year.

I have been toying with vegetarianism and veganism for about a year as well, and had slowly started to eat less and less meat. But recently, it just became time to go cold turkey (I am thinking about that expression for the first time. Why is the turkey cold? Shall google later).

This blog is a way to keep J and me honest, and to share our experiences, recipes etc. along the way with other people who might be considering going vegan. We waited too long to go vegan in my opinion, and I regret not making this decision sooner for the environment, animals and our health.  If this blog helps even one other person make the transition, and keeps us from backsliding, then I would consider it a win.

So you think you can vegan?



Jane and Juljan (and Frank and Francine)

(CC: creepy face swap photo below)



We are not this weird looking in real life.