Test Results

Recently I went to the doctor and had my blood drawn. The truth is that I have neglected getting check ups for as long as I can remember. After I moved for work, I never established a relationship with a family physician, so I was surviving with visits to urgent care when I got really sick.

I decided to get my act together and got an appointment with a family doctor this summer, and got my blood work done for the first time since 2012. I remember in 2012 when I got my work done some of my numbers were high, which I was shocked by, because at the time I was at my lowest weight I had been in a long time (and have been since), around 130 pounds.

Now I am vegan (more than a month and going strong), and at a higher weight than I have ever been at 158 and going strong, unfortunately. For that reason I wasn’t sure what to expect from my blood work. Being vegan I thought there was a chance it could be better (though I doubted significant change in a month), but given my weight, I was nervous.

I got my results back today and was pretty well shocked. See below:

Cholesterol (MG/DL)
Desired Total Cholesterol is less than 200
HDL Cholesterol (MG/DL)ย 
Desired HDL for women is greater than 55; for men is greater than 45
LDL Calculated (MG/DL)
Your desired LDL level is less than 130
Triglyceride (MG/DL)ย 
Desired Triglycerides is less than 150
I was under by at least 30 points in all of my tests. The only test where I didn’t do stellar was with good cholesterol because I was under. I did look this up, and it said that is mostly a concern when patients are high in other areas, but even still I will need to work more fats into my diet (I guess a half an avocado every day for breakfast isn’t doing it). Might need to stop my salads with more nuts and seeds, and add some almonds into my smoothie as well.
I found this test results really reassuring. I am 28, almost 29, so these tests matter more and more. I may not be losing weight quickly (ahem, at all),ย but there are still changes happening below the surface that I should be proud of.
I have also had a drop in my blood pressure, specifically the top number and an overall lower pulse by about 5-10 bpm.
Another point for veganism!

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