Eating Out AKA Steamed Vegetables

My parents were in town this weekend, which meant an interesting struggle between their meat eating ways and our new vegan ones.

I made chickpea (faux tuna) salad for lunch, and realized only when we sat down at the table that they hadn’t understood that “tuna” in quotation marks meant no actual tuna—oops. Faux or no, the chickpea salad was delicious and will definitely be in the lunch rotation, especially on the weekends. We ate in on Ezekiel Bread and HOT DAMN that stuff is tasty.


We decided to go out to dinner and I picked PF Changs because they have a vegetarian menu and I read online that the lettuce wraps (my favorite PF Changs item) are vegan if made with tofu. So I go to the restaurant and order them and then because I am still nervous about this vegan thing said, “That is vegan, right?”

Five minutes later the waitress comes back and says “the sugar isn’t vegan, and the cook said neither is the tofu.”

I am a new vegan, but this gave me all the WTFs. Either the cook was messing with me, was uninformed, or I know way less than I thought, because aren’t sugar and tofu both vegan?

Anyway, she said I could order the Buddha’s Feast which was “definitely vegan”. Yeah… because it was actually just a plate of steamed vegetables with no sauce. J was smart enough not to ask, so he ended up with a delicious coconut milk tofu stir fry that I kept side eyeing as I speared my vegetables. Although the truth is I wan’t that unhappy because the Buddha’s Feast wasn’t so bad when I poured a little soy sauce on top and mixed in my brown rice. (Am I the only one that cook eat brown rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner plain?)

We rounded out the evening by going to Earth Fare (praise), so I could get a vegan cupcake. I would like to cut down on my addiction to sugar, but for now, that is the best I can do.

I failed at meal prepping today because I was tired and we went to see The Big Sick and worked outside, but tomorrow I will prep and get everything ready to go for the rest of the week. I will post the chickpea tuna salad recipe in case anyone is interested and my first thoughts onย Eating Animals.

Hope everyone has a survivable Monday!


P.S. J has now lost 10 pounds, and we are 12 days vegan. Excited to hit that clean 20.


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